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What can you do at Nashoba that you can’t do anywhere else?

At Nashoba North you can learn water sports, join team sports, express your creative side in the arts and build a bigger family. The bonds that are created between all the residents at Camp Nashoba aren’t just over at the end of the summer. This camp offers friendships that are supportive and life-long, it teaches life skills in building those relationships while having fun in daily camp activities.  

Tell us leadership opportunities at Nashoba.

In the activities I teach with the campers I try to have the kids teach each other. I want them to learn how to care for animals and each other. Each camper should feel like they can step up and help others accomplish a task. If a camper is going for their North Star I encourage them to help me teach, they will make a lesson plan and conduct a class. Leadership should not just be learned through being in charge but by caring and helping others succeed too.

What is your favorite part of camp life?

My favorite part of camp life is when we can see everyone together, all the kids and counselors having fun and laughing together. The evening activities and campfires are where you can see everyone as a big family.

What would you hear in a day at Nashoba?

At the stable I would start my day with the constant bah-ing of goats waking up and saying “feed me!” The horse feet would clip-clop past while the squeaky wheel barrel would move from stall to stall. Breakfast, lunch and dinner would consist of the laughter and conversations at the tables. Through the day the sound of soccer whistles would be heard in the lower ring while teaching a riding lesson. The sound of kids and goats chatting would mix with laughs and the sound of tennis balls being slapped across the court as we would take a walk. At the end of the day right before loon calls would fill the air the camp song would be sung and the kids would wake up the next day to Reveille.
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