Please enjoy a few interviews with some of our 2018 returning Nashoba North staff members.


Originally from Barrington, Illinois but currently living in East Lansing, Michigan Michigan State Spartan, Elementary Education major, and Spartan Tuba

What’s your role at Nashoba North?

I currently work as the waterskiing instructor and Junior Counselor Coordinator. I’ve moved around at the waterfront, which ranged from working on the fishing boats to driving the skiff (the safety boat). It’s not uncommon for the staff to be flexible and work in multiple areas they are comfortable in, because sometimes one activity area will have more kids sign up for it than another, so these certain areas might need extra staff help. As well most staff have to live in the cabins with the campers as well, so I have to work closely with around 5-10 campers and one or two co-counselors before, after, and between activities.

What’s your favorite part of camp life?

Without a doubt, the people are my favorite part of camp. Every single person that you meet, from the staff to the campers, will have a significant impact on your life. I could probably list all the campers that I’ve had in my cabins, and all the people that worked with me at the waterfront; and I have barely any negative feelings towards any of them. The friendships I have formed with coworkers have been very strong, and I try to keep in touch with as many of them as I can. As well, I know the campers have had a significant impact on me, and many of them I will never forget, and I hope to see in future summers.

What is it like being a staff member there?

Most of the time it doesn’t feel like work at all. It is definitely a cliché, but when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. In the winter, I sometimes feel like I could not have actually worked there because it seemed too good to be true. Of course, there are some days that are more stressful than others, but the good days definitely outweigh the bad days and when I look back, I only remember the good things about camp. As well, we do get a night off and one 24-hour period off of work each week, which many use to get off camp and explore the beautiful state of Maine. This is definitely another huge plus, because I will always remember exploring different parts of the state with many good friends.


Hutton, UK. Lancaster University Theatre graduate


Irish dancing and horse riding.

What’s your role at Nashoba North?

I work in the theatre side of things at Nashoba, but my main role is directing and choreographing each session’s musical. Although I specialise in musical theatre, I also get stuck in with the one act, design, stage combat, and improv classes. Camp life is busy, so I’ve found myself teaching singing and piano in music classes or occasionally stacking hay at the barn; you have to be prepared to get stuck in and work together as a team to make sure everything runs smoothly! I also live with 10 or so campers throughout the sessions. I’ve lived with and looked after the oldest moose girls. It’s important that you’re someone that your campers feel they can trust and talk to, as well as making sure they get to activities on time. Evening activities with our cabins are always fun, and normally the counsellors have to dress up and be prepared to be a bit silly.

What’s your favourite part of camp life?

Hands down my camp family. It’s crazy to think that you’ve only known these people a few weeks, but I can’t imagine my life without them. I talk to my co-workers regularly and we all try and keep up to date with each other when we’re not at camp. I know I could name all of the campers I’ve had in my cabins and classes, and while we teach and guide them throughout the Summer, we learn from them too everyday.

What is it like being a staff member there?

It’s the hardest but best job you will ever have. You do get tired and stressed, but it’s because you care so much about the campers and that they’re having a good time. It’s for this reason that you keep going, and you find yourself running and dancing around camp, constantly smiling and laughing. It doesn’t feel like work when you love your job so much. On your day off you can either head off camp, or you can take advantage of the waterfront, or other areas of camp you may not get to go to on a daily basis.


Bloomington, IN. Attends Purdue University


Swimming, soccer, tennis, reading, spending time with family and friends

Role at Nashoba:

You can find me down at the waterfront, where I work as a swimming instructor. I love being at the lake every day and working with the waterfront team. Everyone helps out where they are needed, and I love the flexibility and support that we provide one another.

Favorite part of camp life:

It is hard for me to choose one thing that I love most about camp, because there are so many things. I love the camp family that I’m surrounded by for 9 weeks of the year and I love being with that amazing group of people on the beautiful setting of Crescent Lake.

What’s it like being a staff member?

It is an amazing position, and one that I cherish. I love being a staff member at Nashoba, because I’m able to meet and work with so many wonderful individuals. The staff is able to join together as a close knit community with the campers, and it makes for a really wonderful summer.


Bronx, New York, Maine & Puerto Rico.


Baking, cooking, playing volleyball, trying new things, and playing with the camp dogs. The foods I like are endless!

What’s your favorite part of camp life?

My favorite part of camp life is Sundays when everyone eats outside and has a great time under the sun. It’s fun to see everyone waiting for the delicious watermelon and kids walking around with many pieces in their hands. Afterwards we go down to the waterfront and sit by the campfire and play some skits that the staff prepared for everyone.

What is your role at camp?

My role for the past three summers has been a cook. I love when we are in the kitchen and the kids and staff come up and asks us what’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? And we always joke and say rice pudding. But the part I always like as a cook is when I’m outside grilling and everyone runs into the dining hall and asks what’s cooking? I always say it’s a surprise. Being one of the cooks is always so satisfying when you see the hard work you put in and the smiles on everyone’s faces.