Who are the Nashoba North Campers?

We have approximated 190 campers, ages 7-15, boys and girls, from varied cultural backgrounds. We are a non-sectarian camp and thrilled that many of our campers come to us from different countries. Did you know that over 25% of our campers attend with a sibling or close relative.

What are the duties of a Nashoba North Counselor?

Our mornings begin at 7:00 am. All of our counselors provide instruction in a particular area but flexibility is important, as no two days at camp are the same. Counselors could find themselves doing anything from leading new activities to preparing for one of our special events like The Olympics or our Waterfront Carnival. After dinner, all on-duty counselors help run our camp-wide evening program. Counselors then return to their cabins to prepare the campers for “lights out” at 9:00. Counselors who are on-duty receive free time in the evening and return to their cabins at 11:00.

Does Nashoba offer internship credit?

We are happy to work with you and your college or university to help you gain school credit for your time spent working with us at Nashoba North.

Where do Counselors live?

Our wooden cabins are bright and modern; fully equipped with showers, sinks, toilets, hot water and electricity. There are screens on all the windows and doors. Most cabins have twin size wooden bunk beds. You can un-pack all our clothes into closets and cubbies (trunks are not necessary). Typically there are 8 to 10 campers all of the same age and a minimum of 2 senior staff members living in every cabin. Please remember that cell phones are not allowed in cabins.

Where is Camp Nashoba North?

Nashoba North is located in the beautiful Sebago Lake region of Southern Maine, approx. 30 minutes northwest of Portland Maine and 2 ¼ hours North of Boston, Massachusetts. Nashoba North is situated on 90 beautiful acres of tall pines, grass fields and overlooks Crescent Lake and Rattlesnake Mountain. Our sunsets are magical. The climate is pleasant and the temperature varies between mid 90′s during the day and 70′s on some nights and it does rain from time to time in New England.

How can I get to Camp Nashoba North?

We can arrange to pick you up a one of several locations in Portland, Maine. If you are flying into the Portland Jetport we will gladly meet your flight and provide your transportation to camp. If you are flying into Boston’s Logan Airport, Concord Trailways (www.concordcoachlines.com) has several buses daily running from the airport to Portland, Maine where we can meet you. Greyhound busses (www.greyhound.com) run from New York and many other cities to Portland, again where we can meet you and transport you the rest of the way to camp.

What are the facilities like?

We are settled on the shores of the crystal clear, warm waters of Crescent Lake. Its sandy bottom is inviting for all levels of swimmers. We are fortunate to enjoy the sunset every night over its waters. Nashoba has inviting green fields to run on, many athletic courts to play on and numerous craft areas to experiment in. Our large buildings are enhanced with beautiful native knotty pine walls and electricity. On rainy days we are fortunate to have so many buildings that classes can proceed as normal.

How is the food?

Parents call after camp is over and ask us “what have you done? My picky eater child is happily enjoying other food.” We do not use a food service at Nashoba. We prepare, cook and bake all of our meals. We have two wonderful head chefs followed by prep-cooks and their assistants. There is a large breakfast bar in the morning, which compliments the assorted cereals, and hot breakfast meal on each cabin table. Campers and staff eat family style served at on our large dining room tables. For lunch and dinner we offer a wide selection of choices from our salad bar, a main meal on the tables, a PB&J bar, soups and vegetarian alternatives. We are sensitive to dietary needs and will happily try to accommodate your needs with advance notice.

Time off

Each counselor will have one 24 hour period off each week, except for the first and last week of camp. Our location allows for staff members to go to Maine’s beaches, the White Mountains of New Hampshire or other sites on their time off. Additionally, counselors generally have one or two evenings off each week, from which they must return by midnight.

What are the personal policies I need to know?

Nashoba is a fairly conservative co-ed camp. Our campers travel a great distance to join us, so we must always be available to support them. We do not allow smoking, drinking of alcohol or use of drugs at camp. This may be a difficult choice for some, so we ask you to think about your future camp experience. There is no second chance and you will be asked to leave immediately if you choose to use the above mentioned items on the camp property. Appearance: We do not have a uniform at camp with the exception of collared staff shirts (provided for you) on certain days. We do however have a dress code which we believe to be very fair and comfortable. We ask that you wear clothing that is not offensive or sexually suggestive. Under garments should not be visible. There may be additional requirements specific to your activity area such as horseback riding, athletics, aquatics etc. All men and women (campers alike) are allowed to have one modest earring in each ear. Additional body- piercings, rings and large offensive tattoos are not allowed. All staff members must remain tidy in appearance.

Who are the directors and supervisory staff?

Nashoba North is owned by Sarah and Janet Seaward who started the camp in 1987. Both grew up in camping and have taught the majority of activities offered at camp today. They take an active roll in staff development and overseeing the well-being of campers and their parents. Sarah lives at camp during the summer and is always available for assistance. Additional Nashoba staff administrators include an assistant director, two program directors, one head of boys and two heads of girls. These unit leaders as we refer to them, are historically teachers and have been hired for their experience in youth development, community living skills and passion to make camp fun and safe setting. Please refer to the Leadership section of the website for greater detail.

How is salary determined?

You are all specialists! We use your current collegiate experience as a competitive salary base. As part of your compensation packet you will have very little expenses while at camp. Salaries include free room, board, weekly laundry service and high-speed internet. We are sometimes asked if we will pay for your transportation to camp. Unfortunately this is not feasible for a camp of our size as the majority of our staff travel a great distance.

How do I prepare for camp?

Upon confirmation of placement at Nashoba for the upcoming summer you will receive a suggested packing list and transportation questionnaire. A mentor, who is returning staff member, will contact you to discuss the details of preparing for camp. We strongly believe that after our eight day staff orientation you will feel comfortable with both your surroundings and expectations as a future leader at Nashoba.

Hiring Policies

To learn more about our hiring policies at Camp Nashoba, please click here.