Staff Reference Form

The person for which you are completing this reference has applied for a position as a staff member at our co-educational children’s overnight summer camp. Your answers to the following questions will be kept confidential and are invaluable in helping us select the best candidates.

A staff member’s summer at Camp Nashoba North involves working with and, in many cases, living with campers between the ages of 7 and 15 for eight weeks. Staff members will interact with campers throughout the day and will sleep in the same cabin as, or nearby, a group of campers every night. Ultimately, because living in close proximity to children (and other adults) can be very demanding, working at camp can be a stressful and tiresome (though rewarding) experience.

As they will be living in such proximity to campers, it is critical for our staff members to be people of high integrity. Applicants should be able to get along well with peers in close-knit proximity, be able to get along well with children, and be willing to do more than their share should the need arise.

We appreciate the time and effort you will put into answering the below questions. Please be assured that every reference is read completely and will have bearing on our decision whether to or to not hire an applicant. We hope you will be completely honest with your experience with the applicant, so we can ensure we are making the best possible decision. As a reminder, all references will remain confidential.

Thank you in advance for your completion of this reference form.

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