The Camp Nashoba North community, including our directors, staff, campers, parents, and alumni believe that it is important to support the youth of today and the Gift of Camp. We have a wonderful Campership Program that we ask you to consider supporting, so that we can help give the camp experience to those who otherwise would not be able to enjoy it. In addition to our program, Camp Nashoba North is proud to support a number of organizations that we believe do outstanding work in their given area.

Our Nashoba North Campership Program

The Gift of Camp is the most precious gift anyone could give or receive. In 2008 a camp scholarship was established in memory of Robert W. Seaward, Co-Founder and Director of Camp Nashoba Day, Inc. It was with Bob’s guidance and inspiration that Camp Nashoba North was created.

As a former camp scholarship recipient, camp counselor, camp director, teacher, athletic coach and guidance counselor, “Bob” would be thrilled to know that his legacy remains alive and that his dream of establishing a fund to assist children has been realized. As a first generation United States citizen Bob realized the need for deliberate actions to provide opportunity to children. Your contribution will support our scholarship program and all the necessary expenses of teaching, learning and providing memorable experiences in camp.

At Nashoba North, we strive to directly impact the lives of children and to provide a camp experience where the recipient will enjoy companionship, have the opportunity to learn simple as well as complex skills and take on personal responsibility in an empathetic community.  Your gift will make a difference and will provide opportunities for children from various cultural, social, economic, racial and national backgrounds.   Owners and daughters, Sarah and Janet have worked tirelessly to keep the Nashoba community open to all without prejudice.

In co-operation with us, the American Camp Association a 501.C.3 manages our campership fund. All of the contributions received will be used in entirety for children with the exception of a 7.5% managing fee by the American Camp Association, ACA.

We are determined that the Nashoba Camps will continue to thrive and bring excitement to hundreds of children in the future. Please mail your donation to Camp Nashoba North and make payable to A.C.A. with a note in the memo field stating “In Memory of (please add), the Nashoba Camps”. We are honored to accept donations in memory of recently deceased alumnus Kendall Chun and Milan Carvell.

To donate by Mail, please download our credit card and check donation form.

To donate Online, please ACA Campership Program

Donors giving $100 or more will receive a one-of-a-kind Made in Maine Nashoba North sign!

Deferred Giving

Stock transfers and matching gifts are welcome methods of contributing to the Nashoba Camps. Please contact us for the necessary details.

Organizations Camp Nashoba North Supports: