Where do campers live?

Everyone lives in wooden cabins that have many of the amenities of home. There is electricity, running water, toilets and showers in every cabin. “Modern Rustic” symbolizes Nashoba North.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes and you can live together if you are in the same age range.

Can siblings attend as well?

Yes, Nashoba is family based and is fortunate to have at least 25% siblings at camp.

Where do Nashoba North campers come from?

Nashoba’s campers have many faces and all love living in a diverse and very active, supportive, camp community. The majority of campers come from the Northeast followed by New York, Florida, California, Colorado and Chicago. We are pleased to maintain a 15% international camper population.

What do we do when it rains?

Camp goes on. We are very fortunate to have many large buildings and smaller studios. Therefore inclement weather is not an issue.

Do boys & girls see one another?

Yes, we share all meals together in Plummer Hall, our spacious dining hall. All classes are co-educational and instructional with the exception of competitive team sports. Team competitions are age appropriate and single gender. Girls and boys cabins are on opposite sides of the campus.

Where do we swim?

Crescent Lake, 3 miles by 1.5 miles is truly beautiful with a sandy bottom, crystal clear visibility and warm water.

Does Nashoba North have a communication policy?

Yes. For phone calls, campers and parents can talk twice in a four weeks session, after the first 10 days of camp. Meal time is a great time to receive calls as campers are not missing any activity time. Letter writing is our preferred method of communication and campers are required to write home every Sunday. Parents do have the opportunity to send one-way emails, which are printed off and delivered daily by our office staff. Please remember that food is not permitted in care packages and they are limited to 2 small packages per session.

When is Visiting Day?

* Please note, this policy has changed for health and safety reason. Nashoba does not have one set visiting day. We feel that it singles out those kids whose parents are unable to attend. Parents can always call the director and unit heads with any question prior to the first 10 days of communication with their child. * Summer 2022 - we are disappointed to announce that parents will not be permitted to visit with the exception of full season campers. One of our primary goals is to keep our campers and staff healthy and we thoroughly appreciate your continued support.

Who are the staff at Nashoba North?

The majority of our staff are older collegians who are specialized in one activity area and enjoy working with children. Average staff age is 20-21 years old. Administrative staff have extensive experience in a camp and youth development.

How is the food?

Nashoba always receives rave reviews about our food offerings. We do not use a food service and enjoy having the flexibility to try new foods each summer. For breakfast you will have milk, juice and cereal on your table, a hot meal and a wide selection from the breakfast bar such as yogurts, granola, bagels and fruit. For lunch there is a main meal on the table, a large salad bar and sandwich bar. Dinner is always diverse and can range from baked chicken, oriental stir fry, pasta shells or make your own pizza night. Nashoba always has a vegetarian option and we are happy to talk with parents in regards to accommodating food allergies or special dietary needs. During the day fresh fruit is always available.

Does Nashoba have a uniform?

We do not have a uniform, however we do have a dress code and a few required articles of Nashoba clothing. For competitions Nashoba requires you to wear a Nashoba shirt and proper attire.

How is laundry done?

All camper and staff laundry is done onsite by cabins once each week. Camp provides laundry bags and laundry is returned to the cabin within 24 hours. We encourage campers to pack clothing based on 10 days.

Are electronics allowed?

Some are. You may bring a music device as long as it does not have the capabilities of recording or have internet access. iPod shuffles are recommended. Charging is limited and they must stay in the cabins. Video iPods and eReaders are not allowed. Please check with camp if you have any questions.

Why pay extra for golf and horseback riding?

Our personalized instruction is exceptional, challenging and rewarding. Golfers practice at Nashoba on our manicured 2 hole par 3 course and travel off camp during the week to local golf courses and driving ranges. Riders of all abilities can have a hands-on experience on our privately owned, quality lesson horses and ponies. Nashoba has two large stables, four riding arenas and the lessons size is never more than 4. Proper attire is required for both programs.

Do we offer religious services?

We will accommodate those campers that wish to attend religious services to the best of our ability.

What if a camper gets sick or injured at camp?

Nashoba has a fully equipped health center with registered nurses on site 24/7. If your child requires being seen by a physician or stays overnight in the health center a camp nurse will contact the parent to review the child’s needs. Nashoba prides itself on great communication with parents. Our area offers three high quality medical hospitals all within a 35 minutes drive.

Do I have to bring my own sports equipment?

Nashoba is well stocked with an wide array of sports equipment. If you have a favorite glove or racquet that you use regularly then we would encourage you to bring it along. Cleats and shin guards are important if you are playing competitive soccer at camp.

What do campers do in the evening at camp?

Every night is exciting and different. This is the time to spend with your friends in your cabin. It could be a lip sync, a trivia night, a Halloween dance, a sports night or simply a cabin night where you and your cabin mates decide to make s’mores over a campfire.

What time do we go to bed?

Our day starts with a traditional reveille bugle wake-up call at 7 AM followed by breakfast at 7:45. Lights out begin at 9 PM. Reading and cabin discussion time carries on for at least 30 minutes. It is a full and active day at Nashoba. Sundays we sleep in later.

How do we manage homesickness?

Homesickness is a naturally occurring experience and one which we talk openly about at camp. We spend a great deal of time training our mature cabin staff on how best to help campers cope with homesickness. It is a personal and private matter that we handle professionally and compassionately on an individual basis. We are always happy to help you work through this and have a successful camp experience away from home. New camp parents may want to read Dr. Christoper Thurber’s book on homesickness titled The Summer Camp Handbook, available at Barnes and Noble bookstore.

Who makes a camper’s schedule?

Campers will make their personalized schedule every Sunday for the week ahead after an orientation period. We offer five one-hour activities Monday through Saturday. Sunday is a quieter day that offers afternoon classes, a fantastic cookout out on the lawn and campfire skits until sunset down on the shore of Crescent Lake.

Covid Health Policies and Precautions for Summer 2022

As we prepare for Summer 2022 please remember our policies will evolve and adapt as we move closer to summer. We are proud to have an established medical consultation practice in place with Dr. Laura Blaisdell, MD/MDH. Our guidance for best practices will be based on suggestions from many valuable sources such as our State of Maine CDC, the United States CDC, the American Camp Association Field Guide and the American Camp Nurse Association.

Things we know now

As we prepare for camp in June we will ask families to reflect on good decision-making steps to support the health of everyone at camp. We will request all participants to limit their risk exposure prior to the start of camp. Families will be asked to document wellness through daily self-assessment. In addition we will request a negative Antigen test taken 48 hours before arrival to camp. At Nashoba North we strongly believe in the principles supporting the conscious use of Nonpharmaceutical Interventions, NPIs at camp. Campers and staff riding in camp vehicles for hikes will be required to wear face coverings.

Arrival to camp

Restrictions will be in place for access to the camp property. All staff members and arriving visitors must have face coverings properly in place. A welcome team will greet a parent and camper (as in the past) at riding ring 4. Directions will be given to the parent to proceed by car to the health center screening area. Upon completion of screening a staff member will take luggage from the vehicle and have it delivered to the child’s cabin. Parents will send their well wishes to their child and depart camp. Upon departure each camper will be united with their cabin counselors and begin orientation with their bunkmates. For safety reason parents will not be admitted to camp. Enrolled families will receive a detailed outline of our day to day wellness guide to activities, meals and lodging. We believe departures will have a similar routine where parents will be asked to wait for their child. We are excited and looking forward to Fresh Air and Fun this summer.