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Meet Riya


What can you do at Nashoba that you can’t do anywhere else?

A lot of things you can’t do at home because you just don’t have the opportunities to go wakeboarding or sailing or climbing. For instance, I tried climbing before but it wasn’t until camp that I realized how much I love to do it! Also living in cabins with other people allows you to really connect with them. It’s something you can’t do at home when you see friends occasionally.

Tell us about the Nashoba staff.

The staff impacts a huge part of camp! They are extremely supportive and kind. They care about each individual camper even if they aren’t in their cabin. The staff want to make sure all of the campers are having fun. It’s always a positive experience with them. And it’s cool when the staff comes back because it’s like you have another friend at camp!

What is your favorite part of camp life?

I love the whole experience! You can do activities with people close to you! Also I love candy time. You literally eat food, and hang out with your friends, even those friends you might not see everyday. It’s super fun and relaxing. You can talk to whoever, and just hang out. Another favorite part of camp is the evening activities. They’re so creative, and you do different things that vary so much from night to night, and you have so much fun with your cabin doing it. And you can never do it anywhere else!

What do Sunday night campfires down at the lake mean to you?

Campfire means a lot to me. It’s such a big tradition at camp. Being down at the beach with everyone watching counselors and campers perform things they’ve worked so hard on all week is such a fun way to end a relaxing day! It’s beautiful down by the lake. There are so many traditions that I love at campfire like when a boat passes, Mallet’s Mallet (such a funny game!), and all the laughter!

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Riya Camp Nashoba