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Meet Midori


What can you do at Nashoba that you can’t do anywhere else?

Swimming in the beautiful Crescent Lake, hiking trips, outdoor archery, pottery, animal care, etc. Also, you can audition for a musical and everybody can get in even if you don’t have any acting experience. I was so nervous about auditioning for the musical Mulan but I’m so glad I did because it was one of the best plays I could ever imagine!

Tell us about the Nashoba staff.

All of the staff are nice, funny and kind. They make sure you’re comfortable away from home. And counselors in some cabins read you a book before going to bed that everyone agrees on. My counselors Emma, Jemma, and Jess and Hannah our JC took turns each night and read Harry Potter to us!

What is your favorite part of camp life?

My favorite part was the waterfront – I love swimming, the carnival and the beautiful view of the lake! Also meeting many new friends from all over the world is a blast. I get to learn so much about different kids from different cultures. I can’t wait to see many of them again this summer!

What do Sunday night campfires down at the lake mean to you?

That was another favorite part of my camp life! I felt so happy and it was so fun making s’mores with twigs.

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