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At Nashoba North, we pride ourselves of the fact that we do not use an institutional food service. We design our own menus and prepare, cook and bake all of our meals in our own kitchen. A dietician reviews our menus to ensure our meals are well balanced and nutritious. We have two wonderful head chefs followed by prep-cooks and their assistants. All campers and staff eat family style in our large dining room tables in Plummer Hall, our dining hall.

Camp Nashoba North NutritionIn the mornings we have a large breakfast bar offering such items as fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, raisins, and bagels. Complimenting the breakfast bar are assorted cold and hot cereals and a hot breakfast meal served at each table. Hot meals vary from day to day and include such items as french toast, scrambled eggs, omelets, pancakes amongst others.

For lunch and dinner we offer a full salad bar with wide selection of choices for campers to choose from. Hot entrees, such as baked chicken and rice, stir fry, lasagna, tacos, pizza and more, are served at the table and are always accompanied by vegetables. We also offer a peanut butter and jelly bar, soups and vegetarian alternatives. Every Sunday night, weather permitting, we hold a cookout, eating under the shade of the trees on ourdining hall lawn. We are happy to talk with parents in regards to accommodating food allergies or special dietary needs. Cooking classes are always a hit a Nashoba North. Food at Nashoba North

We have had many parents call after camp is over and ask us “what have you done? My picky child is happily enjoying other food.” We have even been asked for the names of some of the items we offer so that parents can get them at home, information that we are always happy to share.

Birthdays are always celebrated in the Plummer Hall with a birthday cake big enough to share with the entire cabin and, of course, singing. We love Birthdays at Nashoba North!

We are accustomed to dealing with food allergies and are happy to discuss these with families on an individual basis.