Weave Your Dreams at Camp Nashoba North!

At the Arts and Crafts building, Camp Counselor Andres Gutierrez shares his passion for weaving with campers. Using traditional techniques he learned weaving in Mexico, Andres encourages each camper to embrace creativity.

First, campers start with the basics of using a loom. “One of my favorite parts about camp is seeing the kids work together—older kids usually learn faster, and help the younger campers master weaving,” says Andres. “The looms we have at camp are perfect for learning, and the kids get really creative,” he adds. By starting small, Andres gives every camper a chance to learn this art form. From there, campers often work together on new projects.

Andres has worked at Camp Nashoba North for five years. While he’s not at Camp, Andres works with his family in Oaxaca, Mexico, weaving mainly in wool. “The looms I work with are quite big, and the materials are heavier. At camp, I get to be really creative with smaller projects.” Campers benefit from Andres’ positivity, enthusiasm, and extensive knowledge.

Camp Nashoba North’s Arts and Crafts building has a dedicated area for weaving, making it accessible to groups large and small. It also features a wide selection of cotton string colors, which allows for independent inspiration.

“Once the kids know how to weave, I like to say, ‘now you can weave your dream!’ They have so many ideas for creative and unique designs. They can use many colors, and it’s totally up to them. Sometimes, they will use six or seven colors in a single piece, which is really difficult.”

Campers enthusiastically weave away, imagining new and different patterns, colors, and shapes. Everyone is encouraged to explore their artistic boundaries, expand their skills, and build up this new ability. Through weaving, campers at Nashoba North develop teamwork, creativity, and artistic skills.

Ready to experience summer as it’s meant to be? We hope you’ll join us this summer to try new activities, make new friends, gain confidence, and experience your best summer ever.

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