Archery Aims High!

When he was just six years old, Spencer first went to an archery range. He was hooked. “At first I started small, but then as a camper at Nashoba North, I really fell in love with archery,” he says. Years later, he leads Nashoba North’s program. When teaching archery, Spencer emphasizes skill development, camaraderie, and healthy competition. He describes the program as a learning experience: “My favorite aspect of archery at camp is the progress campers make. Because we have class every day during the session, I start with teaching fundamentals, and then have time to focus on each individual camper’s improvement.” As campers become better archers, they get to set their own goals, and establish independent habits. This develops confidence and ownership.

Spencer says that he wants every camper to have the same opportunity he had to build his archery skills at camp. “As a camper, archery put me in touch with others who share my interests, and that let me continue after camp was done”. Archery became a passion for Spencer. Today, he competes regularly at local tournaments. He has become an excellent archer, and shares his passion for the sport with campers. Last year, he participated at the archery indoor USA nationals, where he scored in the top 25% of all contestants. “Developing my interest and skills at Nashoba North was an important experience for me,” he adds, “it got me started competing in Olympic Archery”. Spencer encourages campers to dream big, pursue lofty goals, and aim high.

According to Spencer, archery helps campers feel more engaged, active, and calm. He affirms, “I like doing it to relax—it is so peaceful.” Campers of all ages participate in archery, allowing for a sense of togetherness; older campers often guide younger campers. Spencer adds that archery is for everyone, saying, “it’s a sport anyone can do well with practice—everyone should try it!”

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