A Vision

Sarah and Janet Seaward’s camping career began during adolescent years as young toddlers. They enjoyed the wonderful opportunity of being raised by two well-respected camp directors who believed that every child should go to camp, learn to swim and learn valuable life skills while having fun.

Growing up in a family business taught the Seaward girls about direction, integrity and hard work. Bob and Jean Seaward were school teachers in Concord, Massachusetts, Bob was also an athletic coach and guidance counselor. Every summer the Seaward girls fully participated in traditional camp activities followed by chores. Sarah, Janet and sister Marcia all taught a wide range of activities growing up and later became unit heads and program directors. Sarah, after years of teaching swimming matriculated to being the riding director at Camp Nashoba Day, while Janet moved on to become a Registered Nurse at Newton Wellesley hospital. A few years after college, the family realized during dinner conversations, that they possessed a background of valuable knowledge, hence the decision to share this camp experience with a wide array of campers domestic and international.

The search for a resident camp took many years but the patience, and positive attitude paid off.

In the spring of 1987 they visited Raymond, Maine and quickly purchased a resident camp that was no longer in operation. It was love at first site with the peacefulness of the pine trees and breathtaking sunsets over Crescent Lake, they knew that all the hard years of rebuilding the site would be worth it. Children had been camping on these beautiful grounds since the early 1920’s and the Seawards were so proud to have it live again. Camp Nashoba North welcomed campers back to Crescent Lake in the summer of 1987. Janet and Sarah worked tirelessly for many years meeting with families all across the United States and abroad. Camp is truly exceptional with modern facilities, dedicated staff and campers who wait all year to return to their home away from home.

Janet Seaward in addition to being a camp director is a Registered Nurse and lead visitor for the accreditation process in the American Camp Association. Sarah Seaward is a Conservation Commissioner of 21 years for her home town in Massachusetts; is the past Vice President for the New England Section of the American Camp Association and sat on committees for the National office of the American Camp Association. Janet and Sarah are both accomplished equestrians.