Crescent Lake is truly breathtaking!

The warm waters of Crescent Lake provide a refreshing experience for campers and staff members. The sandy shoreline gradually slopes toward the water’s edge meeting the beginning of crystal clear paradise.   Crescent Lake reaches a maximum depth of 54 feet and maintains surface temperatures averaging 80F throughout the season.

The navigable Tenny River links Crescent to Panther Pond eventually flowing into the renown Sebago Lake. A mountainous background surrounds the waterways providing a picturesque setting for summer camp watersports.  A weekly sunset campfire provides the opportunity to view Crescent Lake sparkle and dance as the sun sinks beyond the mountains turning the sky into a rainbow of magical colors.


Our Fleet includes:

  • Six American Day Sailors (four-man sailboats with mainsail & jib)
  • Four JY racing boats
  • Ten windsurfers
  • Sixteen canoes
  • Two War canoes
  • Twelve SUP boards
  • Dozens of kayaks
  • Three high performance waterski boats
  • Three chase boats for the sailing department
  • A 29′ pontoon fishing boat
  • Recreational items: Log Rolling, Magic Carpet, Water Walkers & more

Campers are required to pass the Nashoba “boaters” test prior to participating in boating. The boaters test consists of a 1/4 mile (not timed) swim, two minutes of treading water, one minute of survival float, a surface dive and a front dive. To assure safety, all campers and staff must wear personal flotation devices when on the water.

Swimming lessons are required through Level V (swimmers level) of the American Red Cross System. Advanced courses are offered to all campers.