A Typical Day

Each day starts with the traditional live bugle call of Reveille and ends with the playing of Taps. Between bugle calls, the day is filled with 5 one-hour periods of great activities, healthy and tasty meals at Plummer Hall, an exciting evening program, and lots of fun time with friends. Staff members are present at all times to supervise and provide guidance to campers.

A Typical Week

On Sundays each camper selects the activities that he/she wishes to participate in the following week. Each camper’s schedule will be made up of majors and minors. Majors are just that –a particular activity that a camper has an interest and wants to specialize in. Majors meet for 1 hour a day Monday through Saturday. A minor is an activity a camper would like to become more familiar with. Minors meet every other day for 1 hour. Each camper must sign up for a minimum of three majors each week.

Camp Nashoba Schedule